Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing Experts Boise, Idaho

Mowing the lawn requires many things. That includes time, a mower, and kids that are old enough to do the job! If you find yourself short on resources, you can depend on us to keep your lawn healthy and looking great every week. At Compass Landscape Management, we use the best equipment to ensure that your lawn is well cut and protected. We always use walk-behind mowers, which keeps your yard protected, unlike those big riding mowers. When you sign-up for our mowing service, we schedule your lawn to be mowed every single week. When it comes to beautiful and healthy lawns, no one does it better than Compass.

The Importance of Regular Lawn Mowing

While it’s easier to mow your lawn every month, severe damage can be done by doing so. Regular mowing is a crucial part of proper yard care. Mowing your lawn is key to keeping it healthy while also eliminating pests from the grass. The mowing process also picks up various debris from the grass, keeping it clean from any unnecessary accumulation. At Compass Landscape Management, we suggest a weekly mowing for optimal health of your grass.

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